Smart Gutter Guard

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A gutter guard is only effective when it has an opening small enough to obstruct fine particles such as pine needles and shingle grit from getting in, but a surface permeable enough to let water through.

This can only be done by a micro mesh design, but with all the gutter guards on the market today, you should review all your options before making a decision. Consider the material used to make the gutter guard, the warranty (if one is offered) and the cost. Will the material other gutter protectors are made of last and if so how long? How long is the warranty for and what does it cover? How much does it REALLY cost?

In today’s market there are many different gutter protection systems available, such as Gutter Filter, Gutter Helmet, Gutter Cover and many more. With the knowledge we have gathered in the field, we created the ideal gutter protection system. We are not attempting to say that the other products don’t work, they might. We are only saying we make the most flexible, durable and affordable gutter protection system available.

With the Smart Gutter Guard system, we offer a wide range of flexibility. Due to the way Smart Gutter Guards designed with its different widths and methods of installation, it can be installed on any type of gutter and roof slope. Because of the many different ways a gutter is positioned on the fascia, some gutter guards can’t be installed and/or very difficult to install making it even more costly.

Therefore, different accommodations with each individual application are needed to simplify the installation and save you money. Smart Gutter Guard has the ability to be installed anywhere. Our gutter protection system has been proven to be less costly than competitor’s products, making it more affordable for every situation. Not to mention it has a lifetime warranty. What other gutter guards have that?

Our gutter guards made out of stainless steel so it will never rust and is durable enough to outlast the life of your gutter. Stainless steel is a popular material used in a variety of products that can be melted time and time again and reformed into a new product.

Plastic gutter guards, on the other hand, are made from oil. Oil is a serious issue right now and is causing many worldwide problems. Plastic is also a major pollutant when manufactured or disposed of. Smart Gutter Guard is fabricated in a continuous 100-foot-length roll so that it can be custom cut specifically to your gutter length – in one piece.

Other competitor’s gutter protection screens are made from weaker, easily bendable aluminum which is installed in pre-cut three-foot sections, and has possessing openings large enough to allow pine needles and shingle grit to easily get through. During heavy rainfall, gutter metal covers/caps/helmets (all sheet metal types protectors) block the top of the gutter opening preventing water from going into the gutter causing it to overflow on the outside of the gutter. So if you want really gutter protection, install the proven gutter guard, Smart Gutter Guard!

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Gutter protection is not only vital for your gutters but also for your home. Without gutter protection your gutter will clog and over flow, that will lead to basement flooding. This might not seem like a huge problem, but it is. If your basement floods your foundation loses its structural integrity, your basement floors (depending on the material) either suffer damage or rot and mold can develop. Your gutters overflowing problems could be prevented by a gutter protection, but not just any gutter protection, Smart Gutter Guard!

Smart Gutter Guard is proven to work far better than any other gutter protector aside from other micro-mesh protectors available on today’s market. Because of the simplicity of Smart Gutter Guard compared to other micro-mesh protectors. Smart Gutter Guard is not as expensive as the competitors. As Albert Einstein said “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler.”

1. It is strong, durable, but also flexible enough to resist damage and rust free.
2. It eliminates the risk of overflowing.
3. Only water can go in.
4. Prevents animals from entering your gutter.
5. It is cost effective. No further gutter cleaning needed! Ever!
6. It is care free.
7. It fits neatly inside your existing gutter. Blends into your gutter and roofline.
8. It is not visible from the ground.
9. Is not fastened to your roof, does not void your roof’s warranty.
10. This is the only system that can be installed in many different ways and any situation.
11. DIY option is available.
12. It is easy to install by any competent person.
13. It comes with any desirable length section, up to 100 ft.
14. Green Product.
15. 100% Money back guarantee.

Smart Gutter Guard is simply the most effective and most affordable system and its simple yet durable design and fully stainless steel construction, it will out last the life of your gutter. The secret behind Smart Gutter Guard is the unique design consisting of a stainless steel rigid frame with the micro mesh stainless steel overlay top. Simple, yet innovative, that is what makes Smart Gutter Guard its own level of gutter protection.

Smart Gutter Guard is simply the best and most affordable gutter protection on the market. With its fully stainless steel construction and simple yet durable design, it knocks out the competition. Not only that, Smart Gutter Guard is the easiest gutter protection to install. Meaning, the prices of competitors are crashed!

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Gutter guards and what they really do! Gutter guards prevent leaves, twigs, shingle grit, or other debris from entering and collecting in your gutters allowing the water to flow right through the gutter and away from your home.

The different types of gutter guards? There are several ways of classifying gutter guards — you can divide them into very broad or very specific categories. These are six basic types:

Mesh, Reverse curve, Bottle brush, Nylon, Non-gutter cover, Foam type

Mesh gutter guards are sheets filled with holes that cover the gutter and are mounted under your shingles and over the gutter. Small holes are more efficient than large holes because they don’t clog. Smaller holes sift out all the debris but let water into the gutter.

Reverse curve gutter guards are designed to direct water downward into the gutter through a tiny slit and “prevent” leaves from entering.

Bottle brush gutter guards are basically those pokey bristles that prevent birds from landing on things such as statues. The bristles face upright so debris can rest on top while water flows into the gutter. There is a big problem behind this, after the debris build up on top of the bristles, water can’t get through and you have to clean off the brush.

Nylon gutter guards are basically nylon filter installed inside the gutter. They might prevent leaves from entering but twigs and small debris will pass through and clog the gutter.

Non-gutter covers replace your gutters with a set of thin louvers that divert rain off the roof.

Foamtype, is made from a plastic that fits directly into the gutter. This is works the same as if you places a sofa foam inside your gutter. It will get dirty and absorb water into itself and prevent water flowing through. .

Smart Gutter Guard is all made of Stainless Steel, insuring high quality for this application and is the only system that is custom cut for the length of your gutter.

1. What is the difference between Smart Gutter Guard and other gutter protectors?
It is tough, durable, indestructible and rust free.

2. Do I need to buy new gutters?
No, Smart Gutter Guard is a gutter cover system that fits 5″ and 6″ gutters or can be custom made to fit your unique gutter.

3. How long will Smart Gutter Guard last?
Smart Gutter Guard is warranted to last as long as the gutter system it’s installed on.

4. Will water ever overflow the Smart Gutter Guard?
If a gutter protected by Smart Gutter Guard overflows it isn’t due to clogs, it is because the gutter and downspout are unable to channel the water away as quickly as it is filling the gutter.

5. How is Smart Gutter Guard Installed?
Smart Gutter Guard is easy to install by any competent person, simple hand tools are all that is required. However there are many ways this system can be set up; depending on how the gutter is hung, roof slope and other factors, that make each house unique.

6. How much does Smart Gutter Guard cost?
The cost varies depending on degree of difficulty, number of stories off the ground, pitch of the roof etc.

7. How does Smart Gutter Guard work?
Smart Gutter Guard is made out of stainless steel so it will never rust and is durable enough to outlast the life of your gutters. It is fabricated to custom fit your gutter up to 100 ft in length. Smart Gutter Guard may look like a simple design but we proudly say it is; “The best gutter protection for the price.”

8. Does Smart Gutter Guard have a Warranty?
If the interior of your gutter ever becomes clogged with our Smart Gutter Guard in place, we will refund the cost of the product on the entire installation!

9. Will Smart Gutter Guard void my roof warranty?
No, because it is not fastened to your roof, so it does not void your roof’s warranty.

10. Can I buy the product from you and install it myself?
Yes, you can purchase Smart Gutter Guard and install it yourself. Click here for installation instructions. The only flaw to installing yourself is that we do not offer a warranty.