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Smart Gutter Solutions is located out of Carnegie. We offer gutter services for homes and businesses in our service area. Our services we offer include gutter cleaning, repair and custom installation. We even install gutter guards! Your home’s gutters are in good hands with our professionals! Schedule now!

Don’t Live in Carnegie? We Serve Several Locations in Pennsylvania!

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Smart Gutter Solutions was on-time and professional from start to finish. Will be calling them again in autumn before winter hits. Thank you!
Jennifer Coleman
Jennifer Coleman
21:15 08 Apr 19
The team from Smart Gutter Solutions was extremely friendly and efficient and did a wonderful job of cleaning our gutters and cleaning up after themselves. Highly recommend!
Heidi Miller
Heidi Miller
02:14 07 Mar 19
Last night, I heard water overflowing from the gutter above our bedroom window and knew it was time to call someone for gutter cleaning. To my surprise, Smart Gutter Solutions was available for a same-day appointment and was able to clean the "problem" gutter and all others in about an hour. First time hiring a professional service and really happy with the whole experience.
Elaine Castro
Elaine Castro
02:37 30 Jan 19
The gutter cleaner arrived and cleared out all of the leaves and debris in the gutters and also removed all of the debris from our front yard. Just before another big storm later in the evening!
Allison Parker
Allison Parker
21:29 28 Jan 19

Gutter Cleaning In Carnegie, PA

gutter cleaning in Carnegie

Smart Gutter Solutions sends local technicians to your house to perform an inspection of its gutters. Next, we submit an estimate for our gutter cleaning service before the technician begins the cleaning process. When there is any evidence of noticeable structural damage or visible deterioration throughout the inspection, we will let you know. Based on the severity of the damage to the gutters, it is possible our technician will recommend immediate gutter repair or replacement.

Smart Gutter Solutions Service Includes:

  • Extraction of dirt, twigs, debris & fallen leaves
  • Extraction of miscellaneous debris & roof materials
  • Tests to monitor if {the gutters drain the right way or not
  • Fastening of screws where necessary
  • Cleanup of materials & organic debris around the ground

The entire gutter cleaning service will last between 1-2 hours depending on the total size of your home and the shape of the gutters. You do not have to be around during the time of the service. Should you be home, the technician will report to you when our cleaning service is over and answer all of your questions.

Gutter Repair Service

gutter repair in Carnegie

Smart Gutter Solutions is able to complete a wide range of gutter repairs for houses and commercial buildings. Trained technicians will identify damage and problem areas during our professional gutter cleaning that homeowners are not aware of. It is best to schedule all gutter repair immediately before the next storm or bout of bad weather.

Our technicians perform the following gutter repair services:

  • Tightening loose gutter fasteners
  • Re-strapping loose leaders on gutters
  • Repairing damaged leaders on gutters
  • Repairing pitch problems on gutters
  • Replacing miters with leaks in joints
  • Replacing clogged draining systems underground

We recommend inspecting your home’s gutters right after severe weather and in autumn after winter. Most gutter damage is the result of extreme weather. Signs of damage include pools of water, bent, loose or detached downspouts, sagging gutters and leaks. If you notice any of these problems on your gutters, be sure to call us right away! Do not ignore gutter problems. It always leads to more serious problems.

Smart Gutter Solutions Installs Gutter Guards!

gutter guard installation in Carnegie

Smart Gutter Solutions advises residents of Carnegie to install leaf guards on their home. The sooner the better! The upfront cost of installation plus materials is well worth the many long-term returns. Leaf guards protect houses from gutter overflow, unwelcome pests, mold growth and more problems. Plus, leaf guards will reduce the need for cleaning rain gutters two or three times each year. Call to install gutter guards and there should be no need to clean your home’s gutters more often than once every year.

Carnegie Gutter Guard Installation:

The technician will arrive at your home or business then review the materials we install in our service and our complete process. Our company offers several brands and models of leaf guards and products. We can help you decide the best gutter guards for your house at a price our customers can afford! After you select a Smart Gutter Solutions and a model, our technician will order the manufacturer product from our distributors and arrange a upcoming time for to begin installation.

Before we install leaf guards, we perform our professional gutter cleaning service to retrieve dead leaves, soil buildup and debris. Our team will also confirm the pitch of the gutter channels is correct prior to installation. After that, it is time to install the leaf screens. Here’s how:

  • Extraction of dirt, sticks, organic debris & leaves
  • Removal of miscellaneous debris & roofing particles
  • Tests of pitch to understand if gutters drain correctly
  • Fastening of loose screws where needed
  • Installation of gutter screens along entire roof*

*Smart Gutter Solutions adheres to all manufacturer requirements and instructions to protect the manufacturer’s warranty and ensure an excellent outcome for each customer.

That’s it!. Then our technicians clean up all debris and materials from the cleaning and installation and do our best to answer each question before our service is over.

Why Hire Smart Gutter Solutions?

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Gutters are very important to a home or business location. Clean gutters facilitate the stream of rain from a home’s roof and direct the rain to a downspout that funnels rainwater away from the exterior of a home and its foundation.

Obstructed or damaged rain gutters often lead to several problems:


If a gutter is dirty and rainwater begins to collect inside, the rain will also start to pool at the bottom of the roof. This causes damage to shingles on a roof and will often result in cracks forming. The cracks in the roof can lead to leaking from the ceiling which can result in leaking in the home itself. To fix roof damage or cracked ceiling or flooring is a expensive repair project.


A basement filled with water is not fun at all. Clogged gutters are a common reason for a flooded basement. The rainwater will overflow from the gutter then pool at the foundation of the home right above where the basement is. Soon after, the foundation will start to wear down and rain that collects above the basement will begin leaking into the basement. Sometimes this can lead to mold as well as mildew growing and will peel paint, rugs and any other chairs and couches or decor in the basement.


Pools of rain that destroy or flood a basement often also ruin the actual foundation of a home. A house with an unstable foundation is not safe to live in. You will also find that to repair a house’s foundation is a very measurable expense and necessary for any chance of selling a home in time. House’s with unstable foundations won’t pass an inspection.


Rodents and insects love pooled water. If rainwater stays inside of a gutter for an extended period, the gutter will likely become a home to rats, mosquitos, termites and other pests near your home. The problem can get worse if the insects and rodents discover a way inside of your house through the gutter system. Professional gutter cleaning helps to eliminate the potential for a rodent or insect infestation to occur.


Your home’s appearance isn’t the number one reason for cleaning gutters, but it is the most obvious. Organic debris that builds up in gutters oftentimes can be visible from neighbors, especially debris that collects on the driveway. The overflowing water will also stain the siding on a home and deteriorate the appearance of roofing shingles. In the end, a house with dirty gutters will look uncared for from the exterior.


Another obvious problem that occurs from debris and overflow of rainwater is damage to the gutters themselves. Organic debris and materials will eventually corrode the aluminum most gutters are made of. Damaged gutters can result in the same type of home damage as unclean gutters and will have to be replaced more often than well maintained systems.

clean gutter in Carnegie

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Professional gutter cleaning, gutter repair and rain gutter guard installation will help to stop these issues. Our services protect gutters and homes! Call today!